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How do I open an account?
For a demo account, go to Account > Open Demo, then fill in the registration form and submit. For a live account, go to Account > Open Live, then fill in the registration form and submit. Upon submitting the form, your Demo(Live) account will be created. You will receive a confirmation email with information about MT5 platform and account.
What is the requirements for opening a live account?
You are required to submit a proof of identification, which is a scanned copy of government issued identification such as passport, driver’s license, or the equivalents.
What proof of address document is required?
You need to submit a recent utility bill dated within the last six months, or a recent local authority tax bill, or a recent bank or credit card statement.
How soon can I start trading?
Providing that you have completed our registration process, uploaded your documents and deposited funds into your account, you should be ready for trading immediately.
Why are you requesting information about my investment knowledge and trading experience in the 3 steps registration process?
We run an appropriateness test in order to evaluate whether cryptocurrency are appropriate products for your profile. We are required to run this test for all our clients by the regulatory body.
How long does it take for my bitcoin to be deposited into my trading platform?
After a verification of your deposit bitcoin in BCFEX wallet, it takes less than 2 hours for us to credit your deposit money in your MT5 account in regular working days.
How do I make a deposit into my trading account?
Go to Funding > Deposit in the menu. Type in your MT5 Login and Password and fill in and submit a deposit request. Then, send an amount of deposit bitcoin to BCFEX address that you copied in the request.
How do I make a withdrawal from my trading account?
Go to Funding > Withdrawal in the menu. Type in your MT5 Login and Password and fill in and submit a withdrawal request. Then, send an amount of deposit bitcoin to the address that you copied in the application.
How long does it take for my withdrawal bitcoin to be transferred into my personal wallet?
Withdrawal transactions are processed twice a day; 03:00 and 09:00 (GMT). Shortly after each time, your withdrawal amount will be sent to the address you specified. And you may know that the transaction time may take longer than expected if the bitcoin network needs to process more transactions, over 16 hours in extreme cases. We will let you know after sending the withdrawal bitcoin to your wallet.
Can I withdraw when I have open positions?
Yes. However, an amount of withdrawal you request must be below free margin. Free margin = equity – margin for open positions – all related fees
Do you charge for withdrawal transactions?
No, we do not. However, you incur a bitcoin network fee deducted from your withdrawal money.
How can I transfer money between my multiple accounts?
You send a transfer request to us via email. It must include a photocopy of your ID and instructions on how to transfer money, e.g. Transfer USD 1,000 from Account 2222 to Account 3333.
Do you support Trailing Stops and Expert Advisors?
Our platform supports such functionalities. You should be aware though that trading operations using additional functions on your client terminal such as Trailing Stop or Expert Advisor are executed completely under your responsibility, as they depend directly on your client trading terminal.
I am getting "Re-quotes". What does this mean?
When there is a high volatility in the market, prices are rapidly changing. Under this scenario, we need to offer you the new latest market price. In such an event, you can either accept the new re-quoting or just reject the new price and cancel the execution of the transaction. Another possible reason for getting re-quotes could be the possibility of having a slow or bad internet connection which can delay the transmission of orders; implying that on your trading platform you are viewing old prices instead of current market prices.
I am getting a "Trade Context Busy" signal on my trading platform. What does this mean?
This can happen when you have given your trading platform an additional instruction before it has completed an earlier task. This can happen in cases where there have been multiple mouse clicks or a hyperactive Expert Advisor.This can be resolved by restarting your trading platform.
I have placed a take profit order and was triggered with loss. Why?
You should note that the take profit for a long position is placed above the prevailing market price. As a result, if you place a take profit after you open a position when it is already in a loss, the take profit will act as a stop loss and your position will be closed with a loss (i.e. take profit is placed below the opening price in this case but above the prevailing market price).
I placed a pending order and was deleted. Why?
Your pending order will be deleted from the system if free margin (Equity – Used Margin) is not enough to cover the margin required for opening the specific order.
My order was Stop-Out. Why?
Your order will be Stop-Out, when the margin level (Equity/Used Margin) of your trading account goes below 100%. This will trigger a stop-out and your positions will start closing starting from the most unprofitable.
The MT5 Demo/Live login shows invalid account/no connection. What do I do?
Please check when it was the last time the account was opened. Demo accounts have a 30 day expiry period. Please check the password is correct and that you are using the right server.
The price on the chart is different than the price appearing on my trading terminals. Why?
The charts show the Bid price by default. A Buy position is opened with the Ask price and closed with the Bid price. You have to add the spread on the Bid price to find the Ask price. Therefore the difference in price is due to the spread.
What are the trading hours for cryptocurrency?
The trading hours for cryptocurrency are 24/7.
What is the difference between balance and equity in my trading platform?
Balance = Realized profit/loss for closed positions + Deposit – Withdrawal - Fees
Equity = Unrealized profit/loss for open positions + Balance
Why are the buy/sell symbols disabled when I try to place a trade?
Ensure that you are entering the correct minimum volume.
How do I change my MT5 password?
Log into your MT5 Platform, go to View > Navigator. Then open Accounts > BCFEX-Server in Navigator. Now you can see your account, right-click on your account and select 'Change Password'.
I can't login into my MT5 (no connection error). What should I do?
Please make sure you are using the correct password on the platform and also check the server that you trying to log into.
I forgot my MT5 password. What should I do?
Send an email to support@bcfex.co.uk from your email address registered in BCFEX and the email must include your MT5 login(account number) and a photocopy of your ID. After confirming you request we will send you a new password. Please, reset that password on you own for security purpose.
MT5 indicates context busy when I try to place an order. What should I do?
This can happen in cases where there have been multiple mouse clicks. Please restart the platform and this should resolve the issue.
Sometimes when I'm trying to place an order I got an error message says "Trade Context Busy", how this can be solved?
This usually happens if the trader send a request to the server and trying to place another order while the first order is still in process. To resolve this problem simply restart your MT5 platform.